The Great Lion: The first movie based on the story of Kun Seng Keng

In May 2014, “The Great Lion-Kun Seng Keng” premiered in Malaysia, and is regarded as the first movie to narrate the development of the lion dance art in Malaysia.
The movie is based on a true story of Kun Seng Keng, starring Taiwanese artist Alan Kuo, and Malaysia artists Thomas Guo, Henly Hii, Zhou Zhou, and Katrina Ho.
This is also the first time in the movie history to ever feature a true story of a lion dance team’s journey to success. The characters are modeled after Kun Seng Keng’s 3rd generation team, Chong Kok Fu, and Si Tiam Yong. The story tells how Kun Seng Keng built the reputation since 1988 by going through all kinds of challenges, while reflecting the tough reality in promoting the lion dance art. The movie represents the voices and hope of all dragon and lion dance team in Malaysia.